This sculpting serum visibly elevates contours and transforms facial definition. The new seaborn Lifting Ferment helps to promote skin's natural collagen production, creating the illusion of a slimmer, toned jaw line.
The Lifting Contour Serum
30ml $410.00 Size Purchase
This luxurious cream mask visibly tightens, firms and refines the face and neck.
The Lifting and Firming Mask
50ml $300.00 Size Purchase
A transformational cleanser that detoxifies the skin and removes makeup.
The Cleansing Oil
200ml $100.00 Size Purchase
La Mer's new Treatment Lotion is a miraculous source of vitality. Like "liquid energy", this rich and silky hydrator visibly awakens the complexion and drives moisture deep into the skin to improve texture and even skin tone. Skin is perfectly prepared to receive the full benefit of the La Mer regimen that follows.
The Treatment Lotion
150ml $130.00 Size Purchase
A thorough, yet gentle cleanser that promotes a bright complexion.
The Cleansing Foam
125ml $100.00 Size Purchase
A thorough, yet gentle, cleanser that maintains skin's moisture barrier.
The Cleansing Lotion
200ml $100.00 Size Purchase
A thorough, yet gentle, cleanser that works to remove excess sebum.
The Cleansing Gel
200ml $100.00 Size Purchase
A soothing tonic that revitalizes and enlivens the skin after cleansing.
The Tonic
200ml $100.00 *Temporarily Out of Stock
A soothing tonic that revitalises the skin and reduces excess sebum.
The Oil Absorbing Tonic
200ml $100.00 *Temporarily Out of Stock
A refreshing mist that hydrates, rebalances and heals the skin.
The Mist
100ml $80.00 Size Purchase
Delivers brightening and anti-aging benefits, targets spots and future discoloration.
The Brightening Essence Intense
30ml $410.00 Size Purchase
The Brightening Infusion delivers extreme brightening, targets the look of dark spots and boosts the benefits of the Brightening Essence Intense.
The Brightening Infusion Intense
125ml $140.00 Size Purchase
An ultraluxe eye treatment that dissolves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.
The Eye Concentrate
15ml $270.00 Size Purchase

A groundbreaking treatment that is the latest secret to ageless eyes.

The Eye Balm Intense
15ml $270.00 Size Purchase
A revolutionary treatment that complements skin's natural healing process.
The Concentrate
30ml $520.00 Size Purchase
50ml $695.00 Size Purchase
A next-generation infusion that delivers extreme radiance, clarity, pore-minimizing and tone.
The Radiant Infusion
125ml $215.00 Size Purchase
A high-potency treatment that saturates the skin with hydration, smoothness and conditioning on demand.
The Hydrating Infusion
125ml $215.00 Size Purchase
The Lifting Intensifier trains skin to sustain a smooth, resilient, more lifted appearance.
The Lifting Intensifier
15ml $240.00 Size Purchase
A skincare powerhouse that diminishes the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores, infusing skin with the look of youth.
The Regenerating Serum
30ml $410.00 Size Purchase
Skin reflects light with this potent gel serum.
The Radiant Serum
30ml $410.00 Size Purchase
A multi-action complex that instantly smoothes and boosts skin's radiance.
The Refining Facial
100ml $130.00 Size Purchase
A sumptuous spa-like facial that saturates the skin with signature Hydrating Ferments to reawaken the appearance of youth.
The Hydrating Facial
$350.00 Size Purchase
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