The Lifting Intensifier
The Lifting Intensifier is specially designed to boost the lifting benefits of The Radiant Serum. Key to this targeted treatment is Azurite, a crystal formed in sea beds that helps promote the collagen and elastin network where support is needed most. As The Lifting Intensifier permeates the skin, this mesh-like matrix physically upholds the skin from within. Over time, The Lifting Intensifier trains skin to sustain a smooth, resilient, more lifted appearance. 

At the heart of The Lifting Intensifier is a rare blue algae that flourishes in pristine waters fed by ancient glacial waters and underground springs. Its exceptional lifting energies come to life as it journeys through a meticulous bio- fermentation process, boosting its efficacy far beyond anything previously imagined. A network of proteins within the Blue Algae Lift Ferment stimulates skin's own internal building blocks while other proteins help prevent their premature breakdown.

Skin's ability to renew itself is greatly enhanced. A youthful smoothness and bounce are tremendously restored. 
After preparing the skin with The Lifting Face Serum, use the wand to dot onto areas where support is needed most. Smooth into skin with a light patting motion.

For best results, follow with Crème de la Mer and The Eye Concentrate where appropriate. 
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