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Our exfoliators and masks bring an intensely refreshed feeling to skin’s surface while minimizing the appearance of dullness and fine dry lines.


Gift (and experience) these intensely skin-renewing treatments.
The Resurfacing Treatment The Resurfacing Treatment
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Which hydrating face mask is best?

The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Facial Mask is the top choice for ultimate hydration and rejuvenation. This hydrating face mask delivers intense moisture to the skin, leaving it plump, radiant and refreshed. It's perfect for all skin types, especially those needing a hydration boost. It is enriched with La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth™, which helps to nourish and renew the skin. It is a soothing and indulgent treatment that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration.

What is the best face exfoliator for oily skin?

Oily skin can often suffer from clogged pores and, as such, can benefit from gentle exfoliation to remove excess oil and impurities. The Micro Peel is one of the best face exfoliators for oily skin. This exfoliator is designed to refine and clarify the skin, helping minimise the appearance of pores and control excess oil production. This potent overnight renewal serves as a skin peel that refines yet is gentle on the skin, resurfacing it without over-drying it. It leaves the skin feeling smooth, fresh and balanced.

What is the best face exfoliator for dry skin?

Dry skin requires a gentle exfoliator that won't strip essential moisture. The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator is ideal for dry skin types. This unique exfoliator combines the benefits of oil and exfoliating grains to nourish and renew the skin. The formula is enriched with sea kelp and Miracle Broth™, which help to hydrate and soften the skin while providing gentle exfoliation. It leaves the skin feeling smoother and more radiant, making it among the best exfoliators for dry skin.

What is the best cream face mask?

The Intensive Revitalizing Mask is the ultimate cream face mask for a luxurious skincare routine. This mask is formulated to energise and renew the skin, helping to improve its texture and radiance. Enriched with the potent Vitality Ferment™, which boosts the skin's natural renewal process, it is a decadent mask that can be used as a quick pick-me-up or as part of your weekly skincare ritual.

La Mer offers a range of exceptional skincare products, including hydrating face masks, exfoliators for different skin types, and luxurious cream face masks. Whether you have oily or dry skin, there's a La Mer product to help you achieve radiant and healthy-looking skin.